Wednesday 15 July 2020


Bikers for Peace (BfP) declare their presence in the global peace movement in a historical moment where peace is once again threatened by geopolitical turbulence.

BfP travel for Peace in order to unite the sound of the engines with the voices of millions of people in the world asking that the War must become History.

BfP recognize the complexity of the contemporary problems (climate change, social - economic inequality, refugee flows, etc), but they believe that their solution requires the abandonment of the political power by all and its replacement by the policy of the International Cooperation. The establishment of Trust in the International Relations will lead to the World Disarmament and to the release of resources for creative purposes.

BfP call everyone, irrespective of any personal status, ideology and religion to join them and the Global peace movement in order to reclaim the dream of a world without violence.

BfP raise the demand of a World Conference under the UN framework, which will decide the procedures of the General Disarmament considering all previous relevant decisions of either the UN General Assemblies or special Conferences.

BfP favor the growth of the specific role of the UN in the International Relations and the mandatory referral of all bi-national disputes to a Special International Court of Arbitration.

BfP favor the strengthening of the International Law by establishing mechanisms to impose general international sanctions under the UN framework, in case that a country exercises violence to neighboring countries or to any minorities within its territory.

Bikers For Peace

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