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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's - en

FAQ's - en

The BfP are primarily an organization of motorcyclists, aiming at promoting the idea of Peace and International Cooperation, mainly through motorcycle trips to countries and places with a symbolic content and history, which can be linked with the idea of the abolition of War.

BfPs are organized as an international network of motorcycle clubs and, also, individual motorcyclists who agree with the declaration as well as the operating principles, taking part in the events or trips that are organized.

BfPs are not an international organization in the way some great nongovernmental organizations are. The model of the international network was selected having a horizontal instead of a pyramidal structure, in order to avoid phenomena of bureaucracy and corruption.

It is very simple! If a network member has an idea for a certain action he/she communicates it to the website , it is posted there and those who agree taking that action work together to make it happen without involement of other people.

This depends on the budget of the project. The minimum is information and the organization of an event at the destination. The maximum is covering part of travel expenses and accommodation, insurance coverage etc.

From the contributions of the participating friends, sponsorships, advertising revenue etc. It is obvious that the project budget on an individual level depends on the distance to be traveled, the cost of the hotel chosen etc.

BfP are not a political organization. They do not have any political ideology and they do not have any relationship with the political parties. They are a part of the Civil Society and cooperate with anyone who adopts their principles and objectives.

Of course! Any proposal that promotes the idea of Peace and is associated with the specific character of the BfP can be implemented, e.g. Conferences, exhibitions, cultural events etc.

In general, BfP cooperate with the authorities in order to carry out their events, given the fact that traffic, road safety, accommodation etc issues may arise. Thus, they try to predict problems before they arise and solve them with the consent of the competent authorities. In case that an event is prohibited, BfP do not undertake any kind of illegal activity and entirely exclude violence from their actions.

This relationship is cooperative and sometimes, through mutual agreements, common actions may arise.

BfP aspire to contribute to the development of a Road Safety Education overturning the stereotype of the aggressive motorcyclist who despises his own safety and the safety of the others. According to this concept, the BfP trips are governed by strict safety rules and if one violates them one may be expelled from the group. In any case, the responsibility of participating in a trip or other event is personal and the organizers are not obliged to any kind of compensation.

BfP are people with sensitivity for all the major global problems; they, however, recognize that the abolition of war and the development of the international cooperation are a prerequisite for their solution.

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