Wednesday 15 July 2020

Operating Principles

BfP operate as an international network of independent motorbike unions and individual bikers that are joined by the Declaration, the Operating Principles, and are organized through the website

The Declaration and the Operating Principles are network reference and set up texts and, as such, they do not change.

The inclusion of any other issues regarding ideology or politics is not presumed.

Defending of the Declaration, the Operating Principles and, in general, the character of the BfP relies to the motorcycle unions and the individual BfP motorcyclists. There is no international central mechanism to monitor "legality".

Organizing a trip or another event is entirely the responsibility of the BfP members undertaking the initiative for this. The BfP members are, among other things, responsible for fundraising to finance the action, partly or in full. Within this framework, meetings could be arranged for the members of the BfP network to exchange opinions about the organisation of an event promoting the network's cause.

On the website of the BfP only the following material may be posted: the Declaration, the Operating Principles, the proposals-announcements of the unions regarding trips or events, the reports and the audiovisual material about the actions undertaken, the FAQ, articles about the BfP cause and the donators.

The donations to the BfPs take place through the website www.bikersforpeace.or and are used to enhance the budget of the support office.


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